Brief Introduction of Mount Tai

Mount Tai

Located in Taian, Shandong Province, and 1545m above the sea level, Mount Tai is a culturally and historically significant mountain. The tallest peak is Jade Emperor Peak. Visited by 72 Chinese emperors, it was the object of an imperial cult and Fengshan rituals for nearly 2,000 years. With historical relics and masterpieces found on this magnificent mountain, it was announced as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 1987.

Bixia Temple  - Grandest Temple of Mount Tai

Bixia Temple, aka the shrine of the Blue Dawn, is another grandest building complex at the top of the mountain, with a special combination of metal components, wood, and bricks and stone structures. It is dedicated to the Taoism goddess Bixia (Blue Dawn).

Daimiao Temple  - Museum of Taian City

Daimiao, meaning the temple of the God of Mount Tai, known as the Dai Temple or Daimiao Temple (Chinese: 岱庙; pinyin: Dàimiào), is the museum of Taian, also the largest and most complete ancient building complex in the area. Located at the foot of Mount Tai in the city of Taian, Daimiao covers an area of 96,000 square meters. It is a must-visit site before your hiking journey to Mount Tai. The temple was first built during the Qin Dynasty, having five major halls and many small buildings. The centerpiece is the Palace of Heavenly Blessings (Tian Kuang), built in 1008. The site contains a number of well-preserved steles, sculptures, carvings, jewelry, golden and bronze wares from different dynasties.

Sunrise and Sunset from Mount Tai

The sunrise of Mount Tai is one of the most spectacular wonders of Mount Tai. At dawn, visitors stand at the top of Mount Tai and look out to the East. The skyline changes from gray to pale yellow, and from yellow to orange. The most suitable place to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai is Sun-watching peak (Chinese: 日观峰) and Zhanlu terrace (Chinese: 瞻鲁台). If you will not stay at the top of the mountain or you don't have enough time to get to the top before sunrise, you can watch the sunset instead, which is also very spectacular. The best sunset viewing point is near the Tianjie (Chinese: 天街) archway. At the same time, due to the unpredictable weather at the top of Mount Tai and the low temperature at dawn and at night, you can rent a green winter coat from the vendors on the mountain or bring an extra layer to keep warm, and always check the weather forecast in time.



Fig1:Mount Tai



Fig2:Eighteen Bends



Fig3:Bixia Temple



Fig 4:The Sea of Clouds and Sunrise in Mount Tai